GP Appointment Rebate Changes


From 1 July 2015, the Medicare rebate for GP consultation items and after-hours items will be reduced by $5 for non-concessional patients.




It is with cautious optimism that we absorb the Federal Government’s announcement regarding its decision to abandon the $5 co-payment. The news brings with it a sense of relief that government has listened to frontline GPs and acted in the best interest of patients. 

However, there is still more work to do with a freeze on patient rebates continuing. The RACGP will be urging the government to lift the freeze as soon as possible.

We look forward to working with Health Minister Sussan Ley, who has committed to continue to consult with the profession on how a sustainable health funding model can be created for the future.




Further information about the rebate changes can be found on the Department of Health’s website at the following link: Medicare changes


In addition, Medicare rebates for general practice services have been frozen until 2018. Meanwhile, the cost of delivering GP services will rise over time as the costs of staffing, supplies, and other practice overheads increase. The $5 reduction in rebates, the 3-year freeze on rebates in combination is likely to affect the ability of many practices to generate sufficient revenue to meet rising costs and maintain profitability.

There is serious concern about the impact of the Government’s latest plan to reduce the GP Medicare rebates along with the freeze on the indexation of Medicare rebates (to GPs and AHPs) through to July 2018 – with inflation rising, costs go up but the rebates stay down. We have offered our support to the RACGP and its members in lobbying to prevent this change and strengthening the community response to the Government’s planned decrease in the Medicare rebate.

You are encouraged to voice your concern by signing the RACGP’s petition as well as encourage others to do so too.

Your GP requests you stand with them – “Join us in telling the Government that your health and the health of your family matters most by signing our online petition today.”

We also encourage you to adapt and use the letter below (click on the links to access) which may be sent to your Local Federal Member, the Prime Minister, the new Minister of Health and/or your Local Senator.

You may like to use the following patient letter to go to your Local Member.
Patient-Letter template

Here also is a table of influential Senators and Party Leaders for your use.
AAPM Parliamentary Contacts

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